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SEODoes your organization need more exposure? If so, this article is meant for you. Organic Search Engine Optimization is one of the best ways to ensure that your website is well advertised in and beyond the traditional geographic boundaries. Coupled with a custom website design, this tool can be the greatest economically available launch pad for your organization. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes it easy for a website to be picked up by search engines such as Google or MSN or Yahoo.  Using keywords and key phrases with particular relevance to the organization and demography will increasingly attract crawlers of search engines.

Some of the methods that are used extensively are:


1.  Directory Submissions

Directory Sites are of two kinds: free and paid. Both can be enlisted in a search engine optimization campaign depending on the type of budget involved. It is best to submit your website to a directory that relates to the theme of your website. People who are interested in the type of service you provide will be more likely to bookmark a directory that has that service as its central theme. This will increase  your chances of reaching your target audience.

It is important to understand that all directories do not have the potential to bring in the same quality of results. It is therefore necessary to investigate the directories before investing in them.


2.  Article Directory Submissions

Submitting articles related to your services to article directories is another way to build inbound links. Such sites contain resource boxes that allow you to include a link back to your website and a short description to capture the reader’s attention.

Articles fare well only if the information contained in them is relevant, well-written and to-the-point. In addition to the benefit of getting inbound links through this method, traffic can also be guaranteed on account of the click-thru’s that come in. If the article is truly a good one, people will click through to your website and may then enlist your services.


3.  Forums & Blogs

Another way to drive hard-core traffic to your website is to take advantage of the forums and blogs on the web. Most forums and blogs have a central theme to them. The key is to join blogs and forums that talk the most about topics relevant to your stream of service.

Again, it is very important to always provide useful information rather than spamming the forums or blogs with links to your website. Spamming reduces the credibility of your organization and can result in your account with that blog or forum being closed. On the other hand, if you provide relevant information, forum frequenters will recognize you as an expert and will consequently click thru to your website.


4.  Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is the most recent trend in search engine optimization, and a very powerful tool for building up inbound links. By allowing visitors to bookmark your website pages on top social bookmarking sites, you too can capitalize on this trend.

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